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Back for a few minutes

May 24th, 2011 (03:45 pm)
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current mood: anxious

Hi... I've been away for a long time haven't I? I've... kind of moved to Tumblr, though it's pretty much filled with Ghost Trick things.

Tomorrow I'm graduating. And if all goes well, I'll be in Digipen... I still wonder if that's the right thing to do, studying more.

And yeah, I don't think I'm translating Altor anymore. The sheer amount of text is just mind boggling. It's still one of the most beautiful fangames I've ever seen made tho, the art and music. Maybe I might come back to it someday when I want a dose of nostalgia. I still think the author could've sold it as a doujin game...

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Ghost Trick!

March 20th, 2011 (12:14 am)

I'm in love. So in love with this game. SO IN LOVE that I'm going to threaten anyone who comes across this to like GO BUY NOW!!!! 8D IT'S THAT GOOD DAMMIT!!

The art style, so awesome~ reminded me of TWEWY. The story's also so awesome, and also it reminded me of TWEWY. XD Well, you have dead guys for main characters in both. But I like Ghost Trick better because of MISSILE!! THAT FLUFFY POOFY BALL OF CUTE ADGFDHGFSDHDFGJSFG!!!! I WANT A POMERANIAN NOW!!! I'll take care of it and bathe it and feed it and LOVE IT TO ITTY BITTY BITS <3333 SO CUTE!! *dies of cuteness overdose*

Read more...Collapse )

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Bleach and KH

December 5th, 2010 (02:49 pm)

Catching up with the chapters with the end of Ichigo and Ulquiorra's fight, I suddenly realised how similar Hollows are with Heartless. o_O Well, that took me long enough.
Ulquiorra = Saix. Both wonder about the heart in that curious slightly obsessed manner. I feel so sad for them now... I don't think they got their answer about "What is a heart?" in death [edit: o wait, Ulquiorra did.. poor Saix]... :( And I can see why people like Ulquiorra now, he's probably the only one of the Espada who wants to understand people and what makes them tick... it makes him so human.

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Choice of Romance

October 17th, 2010 (05:49 am)

I'm now faced with one of the greatest choices ever given to me by a game. Marry a wealthy fat man who is mediocre in personality and looks and provide for my family, or the handsome King, whose eye I have managed to catch but whom I can't marry because of mage status. >D;; Mutter mutter...Collapse )
But anyway, you should totally play this. It's like a romance novel, only it's interactive and presents some very interesting choices in some kind of Victorian era noble life to you [I'm not really sure what era, just something that reminds me of oh~hohoho, tea, fancy hairstyles and ridiculous clothing XD]. It apparently works for both guys and girls, though I've only played as a girl, and it allows you to customise your character a bit. What kind of gameplay you get is affected by those customisations though, so just choose what you think is right until you get a "feel" of the game.


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Lovely~ Birth By Sleep!

September 6th, 2010 (03:27 am)

Birth By Sleep English! It's out~ 8D Seems pretty classic KH so far, only with magic and attack abilities stuck in a scrolling list [that looks similar to CoM's card system] controlled by the D-pad and executed by triangle. I haven't been keeping up with news or spoiled myself with news on the Japanese release, so I'm kinda very un-hyped, but it looks good, I like the monopoly board game. XD [And I'll be darned, Cinderella is very good at it... I fear for her Prince Charming.] Button mashing haters can take that option to level up their skills.

Axel's still a friggin uke had the same look and catch phrase since ten years ago. Still ... wtf is with his Somebody's name... -.- I still can't get over it. Lea is a girl's name no matter how you look at it...

And I really want a Leia version of Axel. ;; Imagine him having that snail curl on both sides of his head... please please, can a brave guy cosplayer with a sense of humor do that version of him~?

Do you think a whole group of KH cosplayers in DisneyLand would be awesome? Yes~ Yes? 8D It's been my ideal way of visiting Disneyland for a very long time. Pose with Mickey! And maybe Mickey himself can join in the Keyblade-wielding fun if you brought a spare Keyblade along. I really want a KH ride somewhere though...

Anyway, in the cutscene from the beginning is making me more confused than I already am. -.-; It's kinda... oTL What? I think he talked to Sora with his heart and agreed to join him... but things are never that simple, I just know it.

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The Sorcerer's Apprentice

July 26th, 2010 (04:03 pm)

It's cooler than you think.

It totally surprised us when we went to watch it [we were originally going to watch Despicable Me, but naturally Friday evenings are a bad time for booking tickets at the counter], so we went to watch Sorcerer's Apprentice at Jubilee. I actually thought it was supposed to be like a lousy Mickey's Sorcerer Apprentice only with humans for replacement, but in the end it was actually a very sweet double love story that's totally separate from Fantasia. Couples should definitely go watch it, normal moviegoers should be fine, the story's pretty okay and somewhat better than Despicable Me, if only because in Despicable Me the kids are sometimes really annoying and a quarter of the funny is in the wrong places.
Story blah... Collapse )
And the music I've recently got hooked on.... It's kinda nice...  the violin's tune really gets me listening to it, and somehow it's stuck in my head when I hear it again now.

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Hammer Session lovee!!!

July 15th, 2010 (07:48 am)

current mood: crazy

Recently, I found translations of the blog of Suda Masaki, a young actor who played Philip in Kamen Rider W. He's really cute, and me being a sucker for utter cuteness I "followed" him to the newest drama series he's in; Hammer Session!

Hammer Session! drama is another manga-turned-drama series and the main character is played by the same guy who was Tenjou Night in the Zettai Kareshi drama, Hayami Mokomichi [kinda hawt XDD but I like cute better].

Hammer Session! is a surprisingly good manga that I don't see much publicity of. It's about a conman/swindler who escaped and became a teacher, and as a teacher he gives an extreme kind of "counselling" to problem students using all his cheating and bluffing skills that he calls Hammer Sessions.  Read more...Collapse )There's only one episode aired for now, so I'm waiting happily for the next one on Saturday. *w* Hopefully with more cute grins from Suda-kun! He's much more mischievous here~! Very cute! >w<!!

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Toy Story 3, Day and Night, Shrek Forever After

June 27th, 2010 (05:06 am)

It's great! As expected of Pixar yet again~blabbering on 3DCollapse )

The story yes, is just as good as ever. It's as emotional as Disney classics, it is.... T^T Story blabberCollapse )

Oh yes, before the movie, they actually showed a little short titled "Day and Night" Now, that is something that I felt should TOTALLY BE WATCHED IN STEREOSCOPY. I'm serious. It featured 2D and 3D elements that could only be appreciated fully in S3D. The character body shapes were made in 2D, but their contents were S3D. Day and NightCollapse ) But yes, it must be watched in S3D to fully appreciate it.

Today, I also found out about a new 3D animated movie called Despicable Me. The little preview of it suggests it's about a devious mastermind who likes stealing the wonders of the world. I wonder if I'm right. It does look interesting though, it's next on the list after Shrek Forever After.

Shrek Forever After is also good btw... it really hit me too, because the moral of the story's about realising what you had only when you lose it, so cherish it now... I really identify with thatShrekCollapse )

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June 21st, 2010 (02:42 am)

:D Found something cute. It's an adoptable site that lets users upload their own. Never quite liked these but they have Amaterasu~ :D So I tried adopting a few.
Cut!Collapse )

Click me!

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FMA is over T^T

June 17th, 2010 (12:29 am)

Ahh... Fullmetal Alchemist is over. The series is finished. T^T Though I think the ending could bear more careful reading, it's like... bye bye Ed and Al, please don't go. oTL I spent many happy surprised moments reading their story since I found out about them and seriously, I'd rather have a "they continued their journey" kind of ending to preserve my teenage memories of them as the travelling brothers. The journey is definitely more enjoyable than the ending. Alas.... whyy... why end... it's a good ending though, don't get me wrong. Just.. I had more fun memories of when they were travelling together.

I just spent the last two days? Three? rereading the whole manga series from start to finish and everything, EVERYTHING, suddenly clicked into clearer focus, like wearing a pair of glasses for the first time. So that's why Ed did that, so that's why Arakawa sensei had that happen. And I realised that the best thing is, every character have their own clear personality. Ed with his short temper, Al with his gentleness, Mustang with his flirting laziness, Hawkeye the perfect military woman, Havok's endless pursuit of girlfriends, Armstrong's musclely glimmerousness, the bookworm with perfect memory.... they're quite distinct for having come out of one single person. It's very hard to write distinct characters as authors tend to write a personality so close to themselves so something like that is hard to come by especially as the cast of characters grow larger. It's amazing.... and especially since Arakawa-san is a woman, her ability to draw guys in all their full GARness never ceases to amaze me. I always thought she was a guy until today. =A=;;

Arakawa-san is one of the best manga authors out there seriously, even in her other works her talent shines. I just read them and they show a lot of her style in it. You could see little things like "military dogs", where Ed's gold eyes came from [or went to?] and Granny Pinako even appeared on the shirt of one of the characters in Demons of Shanghai.

She has a humourous frankenstein two-shot [main char reminds me of Stein from Soul Eater, but it's funnier and more light hearted than Soul Eater's "I dunno whether to laugh or not" moments.] and it's about a Creator girl who made a Frankenstein's Creature to enroll in a competition and this creature that she named Raiden 18 doesn't want to obey her. Of course, the sly little fox had built numerous fail safes into him, causing endless hilarity that includes her first creature, a senile old man who's probably her great great grandfather or some ancestor. XD Yes, her family has a tradition of donating their own bodies to be made into Frankie's Creatures. It's a pity it's a two chapter deal, though I can't see how a good deep plot could come out of it. Very funny stuff and interesting universe that makes grave robbing actually seem funny [though no one in their right mind tries that in real life]...

I hope Arakawa-san's got something new soon. Her initial chapters are always so fun to read, like the initial volumes of FMA. Either that or she could always continue Demons of Shanghai, it's interesting watching people who look like Havok, Mei and Lust working together to beat down Sun Wu Kong and other fantastical creatures. XDXDDD

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